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xmenslash's Journal

Mature X-Men Role Playing
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This is an adult game, and it will contain NC-17 material. Players 18 and over are preferred-- but let's face it, this is the internet and there's no way that I'd know. Just be mature.

--This is for serious gamers and writers, twice a week posting (or more!) would be preferred. Also, game will try hard to imitate real time, and since we're looking to be awesome, we'd like your characters to show -some- amount of personal development. No instant hook ups. Unless, of course, your character is easy like that. :D

-Any X-men character is acceptable, comic verse is preferred, but if you want to pull elements from others' that's okay, too. Some canon portrayal and knowledge is necessary. This game is based on mid 90's "classic" x-men. If you want a character that was developed after that, you can, but you'd have to intergrate a new way for them to be around.

-If you're going to be gone for more than a week or so, please let me know so your character can be moved (by either you or a moderator) to a safe position that is out of the action. I don't want to hang up other players and story-lines. It will also save you a lot of effort in catching up with the game.

--Personal journals are first person. Through cuts they can be directed to specific people. (Ex: For Scott.), or they could be "Private". Entries not marked are assumed readable by everyone. They can also be used as ways to RP one on one with another character.

-The community itself will contain third person role-playing threads and AIM chat-logs. Chat logs should have AIM screennames edited out, and cut tagged. The characters, rating, and a brief summary should be outside the cut:

Who: Remy/Iceman
What: Light S/M in the shower.
Rated: NC-17

- (fallen_star2001 helps mod plot-wise, if he's leading the plot in a certain direction, please don't think he's stealing the game, coz he's not. He's only steering with purpose. )

- Please keep all RPing in an F-locked post!

-That's it! I want a good time, good smut, fun action and of course since this is X-men our share of angst and drama and action/adventure. I'm really easy going and as long as you're not controlling other people's characters, or being really, really, awful, I'll leave you in peace to play.

-And again: This is going to be largely slash-centric. Het is also fine , as is any kink imaginable, right down to hardcore BDSM and non-con. But if you are not prepared for a game with both plot and smut-- Do not waste my time or yours.

Application Process:
1-) Make a character journal.
2-) Fill out the Character Profile and put it into your char journal's userinformation.
3-) Leave the journal name, as well as who introduced you, in the comments to the post

Please put the AIM screen name you intend to use to roleplay in your character journal.
After that you'll be added to the community. There will be only ONE, so if you're going to post OOC (like for intro and stuff), be sure to mark your post as such!

Once your journal has been added to the community, please but your user profile and AIM Screen name into the user information and then introduce yourself to the community so we know where to find you to play!

Taken Characters

Jean Grey

Professor X

Also needed

(and yeah. idea stolen from some yahoo group, and some greatest journal group that's dead. here.

Sister/OOC journal is Here