fallen_star2001 (fallen_star2001) wrote in xmenslash,

Lair of the Beast:closed RP Warren/Jean-Paul

It was a mad,scrambling fight;back alleyway style with feet digging for purchase and all you knew was that if you let them get on top of you, you were done.They rolled over and over, scrabbling and suddenly there was nothing but hollow dark under them. He fell free of Warren's hands, and impacted on some surface like a slap.
He crawled to his hands and knees, head still spinning lungs grabbing for air. He senesed rather than saw Worthington coming for him in the dark and reared up on his knees to meet him, hands outstretched. He could only see dim glows around him, and the sense of some  open space.
Iron fingers that had throttled him earlier, now pinioned his wrists.Rage fueled him and he struggled as his right arm was twisted painfully behind his back, Warren's broad chest tight against his and hot panting breaths on his face. He was swearing,as always, shouting Warrens name over and over.
Worthington was stronger, his madness fueling it further and Jean Paul felt his left wrist manacled in a grip and his arm stretched out.
He tried to dig his legs in and shove, but it was as though he pressed against a brick wall.

//Beast's secret outpost is shielded from detection telepathically as well//
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