white_queen2001 (white_queen2001) wrote in xmenslash,

Recreation Room/hallway

A dozen or so students wandered from the Professor's party,ferrying pizza and pop to the rec room with it's big screen plasma TV, computers and pool table. The lights flickered,but no one truly took notice of something going wrong until the TV began to hiccup and "The Incredibles" began to pixelate.

Murmurs of protest turned to cries of alarm as the defense panels slid shut over the doorway and windows,then the lights went out.Hot air began to blow from the vents, which soon started to glow a cherry red from the heat.

In the corridor, cries of panic could be heard and the lights began a slow pulsing.Except for the faint wails, the hallway was still, poised like a creature about to spring.The defense panels sealed the rooms up and down the hallway, pounding and calls for help could be heard from behind some of them.

Puffs of superheated air blasted in the corridor and the door defense panels began to slide open only to slam shut like horizontal guillotines.The strobing flickering lights added an eerie counterpoint to the gauntlet like hall.
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