white_queen2001 (white_queen2001) wrote in xmenslash,

Danger Room

Okay..so yeah it was the Prof's birthday, all the X men were at the party and yeah..the Danger Room was off limits to students if there wasn't a teacher present.

Soooo, naturally the students got into the Danger Room. They weren't like, running a really intense program...just you know..having fun without a grownup griping. There were six of them...ranging in ages from 13-16..just kids out for a little forbidden fun.

It was Shade, sliding from shadow into shadow who noticed that things weren't quite right.She called out to the groups hacker,who could talk telepathically, in binary, to computers.

"Yo! Byte! What did you tell these screwy machines to do anyway!?!?" she dove into the shadow of a whirling bladed monstrosity, and leaped from another on the far side of the room.

"Nothin! I just had them run a basic intro program!" he cowered behind Sparkle,who's light refraction shields bounced the laser beams back at the machines. She shrieked"I can't hold them ..they're too strong!!!"

Meltdown did his best, but his microwave capabilites were having less and less effect as the situation in the Danger Room escalated to a level beyond the young mutants powers.Behind him Boom-Boom let loose her subwoofer style sonic waves, but she, like the others was far too young and inexperienced to be able to sustain any effect.
Ricochet kept moving, kinetic energy surrounding him as he bounced from object to object. Only 13, he was beginning to cry and the killer machines were getting awfully close.He kept moving, rapidly becoming exhausted.

"Shade!" yelled Meltdown "Get out..Get help!!!!!"

She didn't want to leave her friends,but it was their only chance. Crying she vanished into shadow, and reappeared in the wood panelled corridor outside the D Room. Falling to the floor,exhausted by the overuse of her powers she screamed..

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