white_queen2001 (white_queen2001) wrote in xmenslash,

Cold and Dark Places

Eyes watched the mansion. Cold, remote, and blue...antarctic blue eyes. Predator's eyes. A daughter of Lillith if ever there was one, Emma Frost was on the hunt and her acomplice had just initiated the chaos that would drive their quarry into the net.

Beauty and the Beast...each as dark souled as the other.

The X men would protect Xavier's childern, this she knew.They would leave themselves wide open,and she would reach into their minds with needle sharp claws and rake across the tender wounds in their unprotected pysche's, making them weep bleed and beg for release. She would wrap the X Men in their most evil moments, and drink their tears like fine wine.

Then, she would take one of them for her own.

Xavier could not be everywhere at once, nor could Jean Grey...Emma would strike like a catspaw, flashing in with claws unsheathed and ripping..starting a cascade of pain in those arrogant fools that could not be stopped, merely played out to the painful end.Strike and vanish. So much tulmult that Xavier and Grey would be running around putting out so many mental brush fires, that they would be too busy to find her.

She closed her eyes, and her thoughts caressed around the mind of her first victim.
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