colossus_slash (colossus_slash) wrote in xmenslash,

OOC: Introduction

Hi everyone... newest member here.
Piotr Nikolaievich Rasputin, aka Colossus.

Bio/profile here.
It's f-locked but I friended everyone on the comm I know about so that should be OK.

Intro scene here.

I'm new to the whole LJ-RPG scene, so bear with me. Will get AIM set up soon, meanwhile limited to mail.

Edit: IM is colossusslash@AIM
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You're doing quite well, so far. My only advice at the moment would be to make sure you're always in the same place. Like, er, you gave your after-intro post on the main board, but then followed it up with a post to Pyro. Which would be fine, except now there's no reason for anyone to reply to your original post.

I hope that makes sense.

Otherwise, awesome writing. :3

Also, be sure ro f-lock any "writing" posts you have on the page. This is something I forgot to tell everyone, though, so.. Im not pinpointing you or anything. xx;
Im just not keen on outsider "ooc" posts in the middle of our writing.
Flocking... gotcha, will do.
Not being in two places "at once"... 'k.
Oh, one thing - can the community interests list include the correct spelling of "colossus"? (I don't mind having the other one there, since it does link to stuff, but...)
did I spell it wrong? x_x how embarrassing. I'll fix it.
Well, um... as long as I've embarassed you about spelling already, I'll point out that "villains" is the, er, more traditional spelling of that word... though admittedly "villians" has just about as many LJ-links.

The great(?) thing about the Internet is that even mis-spellings lead to something. (grin)