Ororo Monroe (storm_xmen) wrote in xmenslash,
Ororo Monroe

(continued again)

Picking up from previous post...

Ororo watches Jean, Piotr, and Henry for several long moments, establishing several things.

First, that Piotr is still unconscious, just as he'd been when she put him on the medical bed.
Second, that Jean is not _quite_ unconscious. The telltale flicker under her eyelids, the twitches in her pulse, and perhaps the urging of less obvious senses indicate psionic activity. And the lack of any obvious results to that activity implies some form of psionic conflict... presumably with the White Queen.
Third, that Henry's behavior is not at all typical. And yes, perhaps he's under mental influence... but while the White Queen is powerful, she is not all-powerful. If Jean is fighting her, she would not be able to control Henry as well.

Tentative conclusion: that is _not_ Henry, but rather some kind of shapeshifter attempting to bluff them. Mystique? She hasn't worked with the Hellfire Club in the past, but there's no reason they wouldn't join forces for a project as fraught with risk as invading the X-Mansion.

Well... if it [i]is[/i] Mystique, that should be rather easy to prove. She can take on Henry's appearance, after all, but not his power.

Taking a deep breath and hoping her reasoning is sound, she slips off both boots and her laser-scarred vest quietly, and then, while Beast's attention is captured by her teammates she explodes into action, hurling clothing as she leaps over the barrier she is hiding behind.

The boots fly towards the laser-device and are turned to ash a second later, while the vest flies behind them to conceal her movement for a critical second as she spins across the medlab gracefully, concentrating past the pain in her buttocks, and delivers a perfect roundhouse kick into "Henry's" jaw, quite enough to force Mystique to drop her victims.

The impact nearly shatters her ankle, and has essentially no effect on her muscle-bound opponent, who she now realizes is not a shapeshifter after all, but the real deal. [i]Well... it seemed reasonab --[/i] is her last thought before Beast kicks her aside with casual ease. She slams into the far wall and slumps, dazed, to the floor.
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