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Ororo Monroe


(Picks up from here, moving along chronologically...)

Storm strips off the singed, bloodcovered, torn garment that used to be a party dress and dumps it in the trash as they approach the equipment lockers, responding to Scott over her shoulder. She shakes her head in agreement. "Too many unrelated failures. And I didn't see Angel, but yes, what you describe sounds like telepathic attack... and something powerful attacked Colossus, to judge from the scars and burns on his body. This is definitely enemy action."

"What I cannot decipher is their motives. They have separated and distracted us, yes, but to what end? My best guess is that the enemy is taking advantage of all this confusion to invade the Mans--" she stops short, about to open her locker. "And perhaps lay traps for us?" A long, thin piece of wire appears in her hands (an observer might wonder from where, since she's currently wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties), and she runs it with a practiced gesture along the seam of her locker door before opening it.

"Once this situation is resolved, we should arrange a full diagnostic of the Mansion's systems... the enemy may have tampered with the Blackbird, or Cerebro, while distracting our attention. Meanwhile, our twin objectives must be to regain control of the Mansion's computer systems and to gather the X-Men together."

She pulls her leathers out and slips lithely into them, taking a moment to grin at Scott's pants. "Ah! Finally we match. Perhaps black leather uniforms can be a new look for the X-Men?" Without waiting for a response she picks her way into Jean's locker, and then Piotr's, grabbing her uniform and a spare pair of his trunks.
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