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Danger Room

Okay..so yeah it was the Prof's birthday, all the X men were at the party and yeah..the Danger Room was off limits to students if there wasn't a teacher present.

Soooo, naturally the students got into the Danger Room. They weren't like, running a really intense program...just you know..having fun without a grownup griping. There were six of them...ranging in ages from 13-16..just kids out for a little forbidden fun.

It was Shade, sliding from shadow into shadow who noticed that things weren't quite right.She called out to the groups hacker,who could talk telepathically, in binary, to computers.

"Yo! Byte! What did you tell these screwy machines to do anyway!?!?" she dove into the shadow of a whirling bladed monstrosity, and leaped from another on the far side of the room.

"Nothin! I just had them run a basic intro program!" he cowered behind Sparkle,who's light refraction shields bounced the laser beams back at the machines. She shrieked"I can't hold them ..they're too strong!!!"

Meltdown did his best, but his microwave capabilites were having less and less effect as the situation in the Danger Room escalated to a level beyond the young mutants powers.Behind him Boom-Boom let loose her subwoofer style sonic waves, but she, like the others was far too young and inexperienced to be able to sustain any effect.
Ricochet kept moving, kinetic energy surrounding him as he bounced from object to object. Only 13, he was beginning to cry and the killer machines were getting awfully close.He kept moving, rapidly becoming exhausted.

"Shade!" yelled Meltdown "Get out..Get help!!!!!"

She didn't want to leave her friends,but it was their only chance. Crying she vanished into shadow, and reappeared in the wood panelled corridor outside the D Room. Falling to the floor,exhausted by the overuse of her powers she screamed..

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Jean stopped dancing and stood rigidly still, she could sence the fear coming from the danger room "The kids!" she began to run from the hall toward the danger room "Scott Professor, the kids are in danger!" she yelled at the two men as she ran out of the hall on her way to the lower levels.
Scott looked up from the bar, as he felt mental ripples fly out from Jean. He heard her yell to him and the professor...

"The kids!"

Oh god. What's happening? Scott tore after her down the hallway. Jean, we have to stop in the locker room on the way down there to grab my visor. Scott took a fleeting glance back at everyone clustered around the bar.

Jean waited in the locker room as Scott got his visor, whilst waiting she read the minds of the kids to get an idea of what exactly was going on in the danger room.

"The kids are in the danger room ... the program's went out of control"

She watched as he was finally ready "You get the kids out, I'll try and stop the program"
As the two arrived in the locker room, Scott dashed over to the lockers, skidding to a halt in front of the one labelled "S. Summers - Cyclops". He wrenched it open.

Quickly, Scott rifled through its contents. He could tell Jean was trying to see what was going on next door in the Danger Room. He grabbed his combat visor, closing his eyes as he swapped it in for his glasses, as well as the Blackbird's keycard and his car keys. He stuffed his glasses into a pocket along with card, but tossed the keys to Jean.

"Here - in case we get split up. We might have to evacuate the mansion, if we fail." He slammed the locker shut, glancing back at Jean, then at the locker next to his. "J. Grey - Marvel Girl." We've handled so much in the past. This is going to be fine... I hope.

"Let's go!" Scott ran out of the locker room and next door. "It's locked!" He tapped at the control pad on the wall.

"Tell the Professor we need help - Angel and Wolverine should meet us down here. Gambit, Colossus, Pyro, and Jubilee should secure the first floor." He realized he had slipped into callsigns.

"Stand back, Jean." Scott stepped back himself, and let fly with an optic blast at the door's locking mechanism. "If I can cut through the lock, do you think you can pull the blast doors apart?
Jean caught the car keys in her hand, she had nothing to put them in as she stood in a floaty black dress and heels. As Scott ran past her she followed in hot pursuit.

The doors to the danger room were locked "Stand back Jean" Scott said while pushing her back with a soft hand. She moved back as Scott blasted the lock on the door. The door's were badly burnt but they did not move, Jean grabbed both with her telekinetics and ripped them from their hinges. It wasn't quite what she wanted to do but there was no time.

The danger room was on the easiest program but somehow it was completely out of control as if someone was controlling it. Jean scanned the building everything that was powered by electric was going haywire.

"Tell the Professor we need help - Angel and Wolverine should meet us down here. Gambit, Colossus, Pyro, and Jubilee should secure the first floor." Jean nodded "Professor, everything electronic is out of control in the mansion. It's as if someone is controlling it. Scott, Warren and I will get the kids out of the danger room. Gambit, Pyro and Jubilee should secure the first floor and make sure the kids upstairs are safe."

Jean touched Warren's mind "Warren! Scott and I are at the danger room, the program is out of control, someone is controlling the electronics around the mansion. We're under attack. We need your help down here."

Jean moved into the danger room with Scott "I'll get the kids out, can you get to the control deck and shut it off?" Jean looked at Scott, the thrill of being back in the game again with Scott by her side was exhilarating.

OOC: if the mods had a specific plan for what was going on in the DR, this can be changed. but i couldn't resist.... :)

As the two of them moved inside, Scott saw utter mayhem. The scenario was actually one he had worked up with Storm to test the team's limits - a pitched battle within post-apocalyptic cityscape. There were very few ways to finish with what would be considered even marginally a win, and even more rarely without simulated "casualties". The two of them had designed as a worst case scenario - overwhelmed, outgunned, and trapped.

Why are the kids running this? Oh god, oh god! Scott looked around wildly. At once, he knew that it couldn't have been the children's fault - this game was code-locked because of the difficulty setting. Only X-Men members knew the password.

Mechs and human sims were running amok in the blasted city, shooting at everything and everyone. He couldn't see any kids, so hopefully they tucked their heads down in a blasted out building somewhere.

"End Program!" Scott's voice echoed across the battlefield. Nothing happened.

"Jean... we've gotta find them fast. Storm and I created this to be the ultimate challenge for a full team loadoout, not a couple students! And since it's in complete holo mode, the control room is unavailable from here. Can you sense the kids?" He pulled the two of them behind a wrecked car as a missile exploded down the street from them.
"I know, I know"

Jean and Scott now stood in the middle of the program "Look out!" Jean pulled Scott down out of the way of a blast from one of the machines. Slowly she got to her feet again, she could sense the children they weren't far off. "They're over there" Jean pointed to a tall burning building that looked as if it was about to give way.

Jean began to run jumping over obstacles and avoiding blasts. One of the machines came toward her almost crushing her as one of Scott's blasts came from behind her knocking the machine down. "There!" she called out as she saw Ricochet sitting sobbing. Jean made to get to the kids but instead was hit by one of the blasts throwing her over the other side of the open field they stood in. Her body crumpled against the ground, she was almost knocked out, her head was spinning as she lay motionless for a few moments. Her eyes remained closed as she tried to stop the dizziness and regain her bearings.


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"The kids! Scott Professor, the kids are in danger!"

Warren frowned deeply at Scott, who was following Jean out of the room without a word. “Godammit!” Warren spat. “I hate it when they run off like that! Aren’t we part of the team too, Fearless Leader? Why not fucking lead us then?”

In the weeks since regaining his feathered wings, Warren had been feeling the loss of the metal wings more than he had expected. Without the toxin-laced flechettes, he felt a little useless in a fight and wondered how he would fit into the team now. And the kids... if the kids were in danger, what the hell was Cyclops doing leaving Warren and Logan behind with drinks in hand?

“Professor, what in the hell is going on?” he shouted.
The Professor had a blank expression on his face for a moment, but then snapped ot attention when Warren spoke.

"Too many things at once." He paused, as if concentrating. "Everywhere---Warren, I need you to follow Scott and Jean. There are children in the Danger Room and something is terribly wrong there--"

Head turned around to Logan and Jubilee, still standing near Northstar. "Clear the halls-- something is wrong with the--doors?" This is where he himself was heading, even as Jubilee gave him a fearful salute and pushed her sunglasses down onto her face before taking off in the direction of the recroom.

Beast at the same time came bounding in, a panicked expression on his face. "What's--?"

"Henry," Professor X called. "Make sure the dormatories are safe. Ororo, go with him." The children-!

"Everywhere---Warren, I need you to follow Scott and Jean. There are children in the Danger Room and something is terribly wrong there--"

Warren gave Professor X a curt nod before taking off down the hallway to the hidden stairway behind the now inoperative elevator. He pressed his thumb to the entry lock and the door clicked open.

Jean touched Warren's mind "Warren! Scott and I are at the danger room, the program is out of control, someone is controlling the electronics around the mansion. We're under attack. We need your help down here."

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on my way already,” Warren grumbled under his breath. His mental response to Jean was only slightly less grouchy.

Just then he lost his balance and stumbled through the door and onto the landing. With a huff of frustration, he stopped and began pulling his jacket off, anger obvious in his expression. “Can’t even have a simple birthday party without a home invasion,” he muttered.
Chaos. The sharp scent of fear in the air.Action.If it were not for the children in peril, this would be enjoyable.

As Warren rushed by him, Jean-Paul turned to follow.Knowing Wolverine as he did, the conversation was over the moment Logan had scented the acrid fear.So, Northstar followed Angel, not quite sure what combat capabilities the man had but the Professor wouldn't call him into the fray if he was helpless.

A stalled moment on the landing and it was a moments shock to see him battle with his jacket,then Jean-Paul reached out with both hands,gripped the clothing and pulled,putting enough of his speed behind it as to rend the man's jacket in two.Another fast forward blur and the shirt was nothing more than fluttering shreds.
"There...your wings are clear. Let us move...quickly."
Impatient for combat, Northstar bared his teeth in the direction of the screaming, he did not know the layout...Warren would have to lead the way.
Warren looked down at his bared chest and the tatters that remained of his shirt, then glared at Jean-Paul. “That was a four hundred dollar handmade shirt,” he said, irritation plain in his voice. “You couldn’t have just unbuttoned it?”

His wings hovered behind him, spread as widely as possible in the stairwell, as Warren started down taking first two then three steps at a time. After the fourth landing, Warren didn’t bother with the steps at all, just leapt down to the next landing propelled by a small flutter of his wings. Finally they reached the fire doors at the end of the corridor leading to the Danger Room and Warren carefully checked the hallway through the glass before cracking the door open.

“Don’t even ask about the jacket,” he said without sparing even a glance at Jean-Paul. Then he threw the door open and began towards the Danger Room at a run.

The doors had been torn from their hinges – Jean’s work no doubt – and Warren was dismayed that all of the trapped kids appeared to still be inside. “Scott and Jean can take care of themselves,” he said Northstar, “the kids are our first priority. I’m going to search from the air; you take the ground. Watch out for the Sentinels – they’re armed and faster than they look.”

Then Archangel pushed himself up into the grey sky of the simulation with a thrust of his muscled thighs and a great flap of his wings.


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"Henry," Professor X called. "Make sure the dormatories are safe. Ororo, go with him."

"On my way, Professor."

Henry had already bounded down the hallway, bouncing off walls and furniture, seeming almost cheerful for a moment... which was ridiculous, of course, no doubt she was just misreading his eagerness to help the children. She attempted to summon a wind to carry her after him before she remembered, then raced down the hallway.

Of course Henry moved too fast to catch up with, but the sooner she reached the dormitories the sooner she could assist in whatever needed to be done.

Meanwhile she analyzed Charles' summary, building a tactical picture in her mind...
    Something wrong with the doors, the Danger Room, the hallway defenses... she could see the latter for herself. Something affecting Mansion electronics, then.
    Benign? Accidental? Perhaps Byte had an uncontrolled breakthrough... no, the Professor would have sensed that. The same for any of the other students.
    An accident from one of the guests, then? Forge might arrange something like this as a buildup to something, but not without the Professor's permission, and the shock in Charles' voice was sincere. The same for any of their other guests.
Ororo reached the elliptical staircase that led up to the dormitories vaulted off the lower railing, using her momentum to swing up the column in the center of the stairs... faster that way.
    So... not an accident, then. Enemy action.

    For what purpose? The hallway defenses could injure or even kill, but could not be relied on to do so. As an attack they were foolish. They were clearly a distraction.

    The Danger Room was a different matter... but nobody was there during the party... except the Professor had mentioned children...? Ah, of course. They had taken advantage of the adults' distraction.

    Well, at least that meant their initiative training was proceeding according to schedule. It was the hardest aspect of the curriculum, really, since the students could never know it was part of it. It had to seem like the adults left supposedly secure facilities unguarded and easily hacked, no matter how many times each new generation took advantage of the fact. Acting that stupid without losing the students' respect took careful planning.

    But that also meant the children's presence in the Danger Room could be predicted by an enemy with access to their training records. Which would explain an attack during the party... the children would be there now, unprotected. Perhaps one of the children had personal enemies?

    But... no. Warren, Scott, Jean and Jean-Paul were on their way there. An enemy could have targetted the children in the Danger Room with less protection on any number of occassions... and anyone capable of planning this would know that. The children were just another distraction.

    But distraction from what?
The hallway blast doors were closing as she approached them, too rapidly for her to squeeze through. She could hotwire them open, but that would cost time she did not have to spare. Instead she reached out to grab a floor-lamp as she ran past it and threw it into the path of the doors to hold them open a couple of extra seconds, dove through, and rolled to her feet as the lamp crumpled behind her.
    The enemy chose a time when there was more firepower in the Mansion than most countries can bring to bear. Most obvious reason: the enemy was in the Mansion, concealed in the press of bodies and minds. Perhaps a shapeshifter or illusionist in the guise of one of their guests, or an invisible opponent, or merely a stealthy one.

    Which meant the enemy's real target was still unknown. In the meantime, she had to catch up with Henry... for all she knew, he was the target, and their enemy was lying in wait to ambush him.
She composed her mind and sent the Professor a telepathic report, then put on a burst of extra speed as she approached the dormitories.
A figure, hidden by the open door of a room, heard the sound of the moving air and patiently waited until the woman reached the dorms.

Then, with a strong hit of his hand, the figure suddenly closed the door with a loud *SLAM* and a tall, muscled man jumped on the flyng woman with the intention of slamming her to the floor and point his two bladed sword to her throat.

Shatterstar doesn't need to know who's attacking and why. He would protect the children with all his strength and defy his enemy without pity.
IM-log... mistaken identity and brief scuffle before continuing evacuation.
O = Ororo, G = Gaveedra

O: Ororo put on a burst of extra speed as she approached the dormitories, missing the figure waiting in ambush until he slammed the door shut. She dropped into a defensive stance reflexively as Shatterstar's attack started, but too late... the tall, lean warrior slammed her to the ground, dazed.

G: Almost immediately, the warrior pressed his blade against the throat of the woman, staring at her with his angriest gaze. But the face is familiar, even in the bloody fury shadowing his mind for being attacked in what he considered one of the holiest place on the Earth.

O: Storm recovers quickly but is surprised by her attacker's identity. "Shatterstar -- what are you doing!?!" Even as she asks the question, she feints a roll to the left, then brings a booted right foot up hoping to block 'star's sword-arm, in an attempt to keep the blade away from her throat for the second it takes her to backflip to her feet. (What is going on here?) O o . she wonders. Is this the shapeshifter she'd hypothesized, taking 'star's form? He certainly fights like the real thing.

G: In the instant the 'invader' called him by name Shatterstar's certainty cracked a little and this gave Storm the possibilty she was seeking. The warrior jumped back, and then looked at her angrily assuming a guard position. (If she hadn't bad instincts she would have simply lean under me and try to explain what's happening) O o . he thought and, when he realized that maybe the attacker could be a shapeshifter or someone with telepathic powers, the fury made his blood boil.
"I will kill you if you don't leave *NOW*" he declared, and immediately launch the one-blade sword in the direction of the invader, jumping with the intentions of take the woman off guard because of the launch of the sword.

O: Storm dives to one side as Shatterstar (if it is him) hurls the sword at her, and continues her dive to a window-ledge... she needs some breathing room! The warrior moves too fast, though, and closes with her before she can quite make it out the window "We need to evacuate the dormitories, the Mansion is under attack!"

G: "I know, and I don't know if you're a telepath or something else! I say leave now or I'll kill you. You don't leave, I'll done what I've promised!" the warrior yelled, and this time his maneuver was intended to end with his sword in the invader's shoulder.

O: Storm sizes up the situation in an instant... Star (and by now she is fairly certain this really is Star) is stronger, faster, tougher, armed, and hostile, and she is unprepared for this fight... everything she can think of to subdue him runs an unacceptable risk of injuring him as well.
So she drops to the floor under his sword, kicking off the wall to slide between his legs, coming back up on her feet and running into a nearby room. "Evacuate the Mansion, NOW!" she calls to the room's bewildered resident as she launches herself into a low, flat dive through the room's window, grabbing the upper window-frame and swinging up to the overhead ledge.
She can make better time this way, anyway.

G: Shatterstar stops himself in front of the window, the blade firmly in his hand.
Without looking to the kids he regained his calm and breath deeply.
"Go out, kids, and wait for me" he ordered, in a voice that didn't allow replies.

O: Ororo smiles. However unnecessary that scuffle had been, it confirmed that the warrior's instincts were to protect the children... she knows she can trust him with their safety. She bangs on windows as she makes her way along the ledge, and calls to the children in each room in a calm, commanding voice... "Evacuate the Mansion now. Into the main courtyard and wait for Shatterstar!"

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10 years ago

From aloft Warren could see Scott helping Jean down an alleyway, closely trailed by one of the kids. Damn it, Jean wasn’t looking good at all. Warren banked and just glided silently into a couple of tight turns, hoping to spot more of the children. He could see another giant Sentinel robot approaching in the distance, but no kids. Pulling his wings in tight he stooped down into an alley and rocketed along between a couple of buildings. There! Peeking around a corner of the next building over was Sparkle and maybe another one of the kids behind her; between the thick black smoke and the speed at which he was moving, Warren couldn’t quite see.

There was a square up ahead and Warren swept into it; an easy Chandelle brought him up and around and he scanned the sky again before landing. The Sentinel was definitely getting closer. He ran to the corner where he had spotted the kids, calling out as he went. “Sparkle! Sparkle, come on out – I’m going to get you out of here!”

Sparkle squealed: “Archangel!” and came running, dragging Byte along by one arm behind her.

Warren checked them for injuries – finding nothing, thank god – then crouched down in front of Sparkle. “Piggy back, sweetheart, legs around my waist and hold on as tight as you can!” He grabbed the boy, Byte, up in his arms and ran a block, gaining momentum to make the takeoff easier. He winged back to the entrance and landed; Sparkle jumped back down and hugged Shade who was waiting there.

“You did it! You got help!” Sparkle cried. Shade just blinked at her, tears streaming down her face.
~help! Over here~
To the left then...from his crouch his body rippled as he launched himself, barefeet blurring across broken concrete,eyes squinted against the wind of his own passing.
Dodging, twisting the Sentinels laughably slow to him;yet,his speed a disadvantage when trying to spot children in the screaming devastation.
Glimpses of simulated humans caused him to check himself, pausing fractionally to focus...but no,they were not what he sought.
These momentary pauses burned his strength,caused more pain than steady running. Like the stress of a NASACR running full tilt, yet stopping at everylight.He would pay for these tactics with pain.

Again the cry, heard during a split second pause, louder and then

Crouching figures, a slim girl with black bob cut hair slumped in the arms of an older boy, with a wrestlers stocky build. He sped to them.

"FUCK!" the boy whirled outstretching a hand...it seemed all mutant had some sort of physical menomic to invoke their powers, Jean_paul slapped the hand down.

"ENOUGH!The Professor sent me! Can you run?" he pulled the girl into his arms, the horrid steam engine clanking of Sentinels all around.

"No way man..." the boys face twisted,relief and pain in his eyes, and it was then Jean-Paul saw the char across the young man's thigh. The girl's nose leaked blood."Get her clear! Just get her clear!" the boy pushed at his shoulder.

"Do nothing foolish,or brave... stay in hiding...I will be back in a moment." a Sentinel loomed by, missing the trio crouched in the rubble. Jean-Paul snarled at it and pulled the girl tight to his chest. After it passed he looked around to spot the landmarks back to the entry way.
Without a look back, he rippled once more and his feet beat a hot tattoo across oh so real debris.

He overshot the doorway and spun around just in time to skid into the wall across from the Danger Room door. He bent panting as Warren landed and winced away the shrill squeals of the girls. He looked up and rasped out at Warren.

"There is a boy there. How many more??"

Shade stammered at him..."S..six. Meltdown ...and Ricochet...they're still there."
He put the girl gently on the floor,her friends cocooning her in thier arms.

"Warren...I cannot bring the boy out alone. Too many Sentinels, and he is..not small." Jean-Paul breathed deep,stifling a cough."I cannot dodge them and carry him too."
"There is a boy there. How many more??"

Shade stammered at him..."S..six. Meltdown ...and Ricochet...they're still there."
He put the girl gently on the floor,her friends cocooning her in thier arms.

“Ricochet is with Scott and Jean, headed this way but they’re moving slow. I think Jean is injured," Warren said.

"Warren...I cannot bring the boy out alone. Too many Sentinels, and he is..not small." Jean-Paul breathed deep,stifling a cough."I cannot dodge them and carry him too."

Warren looked at Jean-Paul for a long moment, weighing their options. “Alright, what if you don’t have to worry about the Sentinels? Can you carry him yourself?” he finally asked. “From the air, I can draw their attention – create a distraction.”

The four girls looked stricken, but Warren crouched down beside them and waved off their squeaks of protest. “Nothing to worry about, girls. I’ve been flying evasive maneuvers against these guys for years, both simulated and real. Boomer, once everyone is out, signal me with a sonic boom. I’ll be able to feel it with my feathers.”

The girl drew herself up, trying to look brave and mostly succeeding. Warren nodded at her, then stood next to Jean-Paul. “You had better be as fast as they say,” he murmured under his breath. “I won’t be able to keep it up all night.”

And then Warren was off, deliberately winging his way into a nightmare.
Scott, Jean and Ricochet arrived at the archway that was the entrance to the Danger Room. Now, normally this would be completely invisible, but due to Jean's telekinesis the doors were hanging off the hinges and the kids were clustered under it.

As they made their way down the alley that led to the exit, Scott saw Angel soar off upwards. The kids saw the three of them and came over to help.

"What's Warren doing? How many more of you are left?" Scott felt helpless.

One of the girls told him that Warren was creating a distraction for Jean-Paul - Jean-Paul seemed to be ready to zoom off at any second, watching Warren closely. A distraction? Oh, god.

"Jean-Paul! I'm going to try to get some height and help with the distraction!" He helped transfer Jean's weight to the girls, and ran for the alley again, seeing a fire escape ladder. He began to climb quickly, trying to reach the top of the building.

At the top, he saw Warren winging across the chamber, presumably towards the last child. Good luck, buddy. I'm here to help. He took careful aim, twirling his visor controls for medium to long range.

OOC: Warren, please feel free to NPC Scott's optic blasts for your own flying pleasure :
Jean smiled at the girls "I'm okay" she took her arms from the girls' shoulders and stood on her own. Her head hurt like hell, but she was in control enough to help with the situation.

She watched helplessly as Scott stood on top of the building, as Warren and Jean-Paul headed to help the last student. Suddenly the girls let out a scream Jean spun round to see one of the sims had it's foot raised ready to crush Jean and the three children. Jean threw herself and the kids out of the way, with a little help from her powers. The sim seemed slightly disgruntled but that did not deter it.

As the sim took a step forward, Jean held it's other leg with great difficulty with her powers. She gritted her teeth as her head sered with pain, slowly the sim toppled but it was only when Jean applied a final push from behind that it finally crashed to the ground.
“You had better be as fast as they say,” he murmured under his breath. “I won’t be able to keep it up all night.” Something sly bent Jean-Paul's lips.
"Don't worry if you can't.I've got more than enough for us both."and wrenched his mind back to his second favorite physical activity. He blurred in to hide behind his first barrier back to Meltdown,hearing Scott call out behind him.

Good. Warren could use some aerial cover. He began the zig zag run back towards the fallen slabs where he left the boy. Sentinels...this was insane.He finally reached cover, from the look on the fellows face,he hadn't expected anyone to come back.

"Lay low man...this areas crawling with..." human sims attacked swinging pipes,brandishing guns. Jean-Paul simply blurred forward and broke necks, letting the bodies thud down and then watched in curiosity as they faded from view.He gave his wolf's grin to the boy, then dove with him into the shadows of the concrete rubble once more.
"The others are safe. You are the last man standing. ANd will soon be out of here." Indeed, mmore Sentinels.Jean-Paul searched the smoke filled skies,watching for Warren,trapped by two searching monsters.

She had lost her hold on Colossus, the man was either unconcious, or dead. She didn't really care.
She stood smiling faintly,questing with her powers for minds that were easily breachable, keeping her efforts at a low level so as not to alert the higher teep abilities of Jean Grey and Professor X.

And so she found one. One that had been breached before. She reached to it,her mind scurrying deep into the horrors it held. She found the tightly locked door that held back the worst of nightmare memories...and tore it open,letting the dark thing it held back loose into Archangel's conciousness.
Jean turned around and looked at the five scared faces looking back at her. The poor kids, they only wanted a bit of un-supervised fun and all they got was the fear of god put into them.

She looked back to the battle field in front of her Angel flying above the sims, Scott blasting at random sims from the roof and Jean-Paul scurrying around helping the children on the ground. Jean felt useless, standing on the side lines.

She comforted the kids as the six of them stood in the doorway to the danger room hoping the boys would get the last kid out.
No one had ever described Warren Worthington III as “compassionate.” Or “self-sacrificing.” Why would they when everybody knew he was arrogant and egocentric; just a spoiled brat that had grown up into a self-indulgent playboy. The truth was, Warren could be a bastard at times. He was often thoughtless and sometimes cruel; ruthless in business; and his vanity was almost legendary.

But everyone forgets about the tunnels.

Warren went back into the tunnels and served himself up to the Marauders for one missing child. And look how well that turned out.

Now he was doing the same thing again. But this wasn’t the Morlock tunnels and he wasn’t trapped in the ground. Nor battling Marauders. This was the Danger Room and he was aloft, opposite simulated Sentinels he could fly circles around under normal Danger Room conditions. Even though his speed and maneuverability had been a bit off since the return of his feathered wings, Warren knew the Sentinels tracking and firing patterns so well that he evaded them almost instinctively.

In spite of Archangel’s head start, Northstar passed him in a blur and reached Meltdown first. But two Sentinels were already stomping forward, converging on the maze of fallen slabs that Northstar had disappeared into. Warren flew up, climbing higher, then stooping like a falcon and buzzing one of the Sentinels. He passed so close to the thing’s nose that he could have touched it with his hand... Then he broke left and swooped into a series of barrel rolls and Immelmann turns that left the two gigantic Mr. Robotoes staggering and firing at air.

Halfway through Archangel’s elaborate routine, an optic blast shraaaaaaaaaakked past him – almost too close for comfort, but Warren just grinned. Good ol’ Cyke. He knew Warren’s moves even better than Warren knew the Sentinels’. For a while, from the ground, it looked almost as if Archangel was dancing with the red beams.

Suddenly, Warren faltered and one of Scott’s blasts sent him careening across the Danger Room, spinning out of control... until one huge hand reached out and just caught him. Warren shook the stars out of his eyes and looked up, expecting to see another Sentinel peering back. But the creature he saw was gray and blue, with a bald head and dead eyes.

“Death, my Son. The most exquisite of my creations,” it said. “How I have missed you.”

Jean watched Warren swooping through the sky, as Scott blasted at random intervals; show off she muttered under her breath with a smile. Suddenly Warren was hit by Scott's blast and went thundering to the ground.

"Scott!" Jean yelled. She turned to the kids "Stay here, don't move." with that she moved back into the hell that was now the danger room.

She had to get to Warren, but how? Jean weighed up her options and decided making a run for it was best. Quickly she took to her heels and ran as fast as was humanly possible in four inch heels and a tight dress; but to no avail. She had no chance of getting through the sims to Warren, she'd only managed to get to Scott.

She looked up at him standing on the roof, she didn't shout to him in case it attracted more sims Scott, I need you to cover me. We need to get to Warren, he's hurt.

She remembered the last kid still in the danger room with Jean-Paul Jean-Paul, is there anyway you can get the kid out? We need a plan.



10 years ago



10 years ago